Friends of the Forest

The Friends of the Forest gathering, first event held at sanctuary, inaugurated the Researcher's House. Friends of the Forest is a group that was idealized for the purpose of bringing together people with the common interest of protecting and celebrating nature, saving forests, caring for native areas and restoring degradation. Its objective is to put into effective actions to promote the spreading of knowledge, planting physical and ideological seeds for the conservation of the environment and threatened ecosystems.

The initial event was supported and attended by students and professors from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), our first partners and friends of the forest, gathered to inaugurate the Researcher's House. The program included musical presentations, astronomy lectures, field expeditions, seed planting, open space for discussion, and celebration of nature.

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Caring for the forest requires taking action. These actions require hands and resources. Be a volunteer. Participate by donating your time and/or financial support for a project you would like to see happen.

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The crystalline mineral sweet waters that spring forth in the region are rich in silicon, among other minerals with rejuvenating properties.