Did you know?

Wind Pollination
Acaucarias are male and female trees, whose pollination occurs through the wind. The trees produce a ball of edible seeds called Pinhão, a food source for several different species.
The Ancestral Conifer
Araucarias are pioneer species trees, predating animal life, the ancestral conifer.
Millennial Giant Fern
The Ginat Ferns grow approximately 1 centimeter per year, and specimen of over 10 meters in height have been identified in the RPPN GFA, which means 1000 years of existence.
Walls of the Serra Geral
The stone wall cliffs of the Serra Geral are the result of tectonic movements that occurred during the separation of the American and African continents.
Gondwana: The super continent
There once was a super continent called Gondwana, and on this continent a great aquifer. During the separation of the continent the aquifer also was divided, giving birth to the Guarani Aquifer in South America, the largest reservoir of freshwater on the planet.
Birthplace of the Waters
The RPPN GFA lies simultaneously in the outcrop zone and recharge area of the Guarani Aquifer. It is located at the highest point of the Santa Catarina State, at the Morro da Boa Vista (1827m above sea level), headwaters of the watershed of the Canoas River, and birthplace of its waters.
Rejuvenating Properties
The crystalline mineral sweet waters that spring forth in the region are rich in silicon, among other minerals with rejuvenating properties.
At the Top of the Food Chain
The cougar or Mountain Lion (“Puma Concolor”) is a top of the food chain predator, and its presence indicates a healthy and complete ecosystem.