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The RPPN Grand Araucaria Forest is located in Campo Novo do Sul valley, within the municipality of Bom Retiro, in the state of Santa Catarina. Our reserve lies 6 kilometers off the highway, down an unpaved road. Ours is the very last gate at the end of the dirt road.

From the city of Bom Retiro, take BR 282 toward Lages. Continue ahead 7km until the first turn around. Use this turn around to go back in the other direction on BR 282. (As a safety precaution, instead of turning left across the lane of oncoming traffic, we recommend taking the turn around. After taking the turn around, you will see a sign on the right for the exit to “Paraíso da Serra e Campo Novo”. Take this exit and continue in the direction of Campo Novo, keeping to the right until the last gate, the entrance to our Reserve.

Please use caution on rainy days as rivers along the unpaved road may overflow, and crossing should be avoided.

UTM Coordinates:

South American Datum 1969, Meridian Central -51 ° WGR, UTM coordinates:
North(N)=6.913.508,060 East(E)=651.792,508

Latitude: 27° 53' 42.31541" S

Longitude: 49° 27' 29.78732" W

Meridian Convergence: 0° 43' 17.18682"



There once was a super continent called Gondwana, and on this continent a great aquifer. During the separation of the continent the aquifer also was divided, giving birth to the Guarani Aquifer in South